Computer Objective Question in Hindi for All Competitive Exams

Computer Objective Question in Hindi 

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This Computer Objective Question in Hindi PDF is very Important for RRB, SSC, Bank Exams. Computer Quiz Notes PDF is important because all govt exams are started after a few months. In those exams, almost 10-15 Questions are coming from Computer so Computer Objective Question is important in all exams. Common questions are placed in Computer Objective Question, which has been put together in most examinations, you can download this PDF Notes very simply by clicking on the Download Button at the bottom.

This post is dedicated to downloading our PDFEXAM for free PDFs, which are the latest exam pattern based general science pdf for RRB JE 2019, SSC CGL 2019, SSC CHSL 2019, RRB NTPC, etc. Computer Book in Hindi PDF Download it helps in performing your all-rounder performance in the exam.

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Computer Objective QuestionGeneral Knowledge, GS Practice Set in Hindi. In  “Computer fundamental notes PDF” is providing you the computer with detailed solution & Short Tricks. Where you can easily get the logic of the questions. General Knowledge, computer Plays an important role in GK, GA, GS Section. General Studies Questions in Hindi Pdf is Providing free to download.

Importance of Computer:

Every exam you will get at least 5 questions from Computer Objective Question . So candidates must focus on and download this  Computer GK Notes pdf to get important questions with the best solutions. We have put all Previous Year Questions of Latest Computer GK in Hindi with Objective Questions that are Asked in various Govt & Private Exam.

Computer Objective Question covered thoroughly under the guidance of subject experts. this Basic Computer Book in Hindi PDF Download mainly targeting RRB JE, RRB NTPC, SSC CGL  & SSC CHSL. Computer Book PDF के नोट्स की डायरेक्ट लिंक हमने यहां उपलब्ध करा दी है! जिसे आप निचे दिए गए डाउनलोड लिंक पर क्लिक करके डाउनलोड कर सकते है! अगर आपको किसी भी तरीके की परेशानी हो तो आप हमे निचे दिए गए कमेंट बॉक्स में टाइप कर सकते है! हम जल्द से जल्द आपकी सहायता करेंगे! हमे आपकी सहायता करने में ख़ुशी होगी!

Topics Are Covered in Computer Objective Question in Hindi PDF Download:

  1. Basic Computer
  2. Computer Parts And Devices
  3. Works of Computer
  4. Computer Objective Questions
  5. Algorithms
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Computational Complexity Theory 
  8. Computer Engineering 
  9. Computer Networks 
  10. Internet 
  11. Data Mining 
  12. Data Structure 


Computer Objective Question in Hindi

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Computer Objective Questions Answers 

1. WWW stands for ?

  1. World Whole Web
  2. Wide World Web
  3. Web World Wide
  4. World Wide Web

Ans: 4 (World Wide Web)

2. Which of the following are components of Central Processing Unit (CPU) ?

  1. Arithmetic logic unit, Mouse
  2. Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit
  3. Arithmetic logic unit, Integrated Circuits
  4. Control Unit, Monitor

Ans: 2 (Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit)

3. Which among following first generation of computers had ?

  1. Vaccum Tubes and Magnetic Drum
  2. Integrated Circuits
  3. Magnetic Tape and Transistors
  4. All of above

Ans: 1(Vaccum Tubes and Magnetic Drum)

4. Where is RAM located ?

  1. Expansion Board
  2. External Drive
  3. Mother Board
  4. All of above

Ans: 3(Mother Board)

5. If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as ?

  1. Uniprocess
  2. Multiprocessor
  3. Multithreaded
  4. Multiprogramming

Ans: 2( Multiprocessor)

6.  Father of ‘C’ programming language
1. Dennis Ritchie
2. Prof Jhon Kemeny
3. Thomas Kurtz
4. Bill Gates

Ans: 2( Dennis Ritchie)

7. COBOL is widely used in applications
1. Commercial
2. Scientific
3. Space
4. Mathematical

Ans: 1(Commercial)

8. The device used to carry digital data on analog lines is called as
1. Modem
2. Multiplexer
3. Modulator
4. Demodulator

Ans: 1(Modem)

9. SMPS stands for
1. Switched mode power supply
2. Start mode power supply
3. Store mode power supply
4. Single mode power supply

Ans: a(Switched mode power supply)

10. Information travels between components on the mother board through
1. Flash memory
3. Bays
4. Buses
5. Peripherals

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