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Today we Provide you Complete Maths Book For SSC CGL Exam with Tricks and Important Questions PDF. This Maths Book in Hindi and English PDF for SSC, UPSC, Railway and All Competitive Exams. We Know That all Sarkari Exams are started after a few months. In those exams, / Many Questions are coming from, Maths. so  Complete Maths Book in Hindi PDF for SSC, UPSC, Railway and All Competitive Exams is important in all GOVT. Exams. Common questions are placed in  Complete Maths Book in Hindi PDF for SSC, UPSC, Railway and All Competitive Exams, which has been put together in most examinations, you can download, which has been put together in most examinations, you can download this PDF Notes very simply by clicking on the Download Button at the bottom.

This post is dedicated to downloading our PDF EXAM for free PDFs, which are the latest exam pattern based for UPSC, SSC, And All ONe-day Govt. exams, etc.

SSC Maths Book, Maths Formulas Book in Hindi PDF for SSC, UPSC, Railway and All Competitive Exams, Paramount Maths, Rakesh Yadav Maths Notes PDF, Maths Shortcut Tricks. In  “ Quantum Cat PDF  ” is providing you the GK, REASONING, MATHES TOPICS   with ANSWER. Where you can easily get the logic of the questions. Quantum Cat PDF, Quantum Cat PDF  Plays an important role in EXAMS. Quantum Cat PDF is Providing free to download.

Every exam you will get at least 12-18 questions from Math paper. So candidates must focus on Maths notes and download this Maths Book to get important questions with the best solutions. We have put all Previous Year Questions of Maths that are Asked in various Govt & Private Exam.

Maths Book PDF for SSC, UPSC, Railway and All Competitive Exams के नोट्स की डायरेक्ट लिंक हमने यहां उपलब्ध करा दी है! जिसे आप निचे दिए गए डाउनलोड लिंक पर क्लिक करके डाउनलोड कर सकते है! अगर आपको किसी भी तरीके की परेशानी हो तो आप हमे निचे दिए गए कमेंट बॉक्स में टाइप कर सकते है! हम जल्द से जल्द आपकी सहायता करेंगे! हमे आपकी सहायता करने में ख़ुशी होगी!

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Topics Include in Maths Formulas PDF

  • Mathematical notation
  • Measurement and weighing
  • The numbers
  • Square and square root
  • Cube and Cube root
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Maximum common factor and shortest common factor
  • Average
  • Work and time
  • Time, distance and speed
  • Streamflow
  • Profit and Loss
  • Brackets
  • Different
  • Percentage
  • Simple interest
  • Shared
  • Discount
  • The clock
  • The calendar
  • the equation
  • Factor
  • Exponent and exponent rules
  • Angles, trigonometry ratios and relations
  • Classified and unclassified data
  • Line and angle
  • Triangle
  • Quadrilateral
  • Circle
  • Cartesian plane, center and circumcentre of a straight line triangle
  • Rectangle, Square, Quadrilateral, Triangle and Polygon

SSC CGL Arithmetic Syllabus with Weightage

Arithmetic Weightage
Average 1-2
Boat & Stream  1
Compound & Simple Interest 2
Mixture & Alligation 1-2
Partnership 1
Percentages 1-2
Pipes & Cistern 1
Problem on Ages 1
Profit loss & Discount 2
Ratio Proportion 1
Speed, time, and work 1
Time work & wages 1-2
Miscellaneous  1-2

SSC CGL Advanced Maths Syllabus & Weightage

Advance Maths Weightage
Geometry 3
Mensuration 1-2
Data Interpretation 4
Trigonometry 3
Standard Identities 1
Complementary angles 1
Heights and Distances 1
Algebra 3
Miscellaneous 2

SSC CGL Maths Book

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SSC Maths Questions

Q.1. A sum of Rs. 25000 amounts to Rs. 31000 in 4 years at the rate of simple interest what is the rate of interest?

(a) 3%

(b) 4%

(c) 5 %

(d) 6 %

(e) None of these

Answer: [d] 

Q.2. Kamla took a loan of Rs. 2400 with simple interest for as many years as the rate of interest. If she paid Rs. 864 as interest at the end of the loan period, what was the rate of interest?

(a) 3.6

(b) 6

(c) 18

(d) cannot determined

(e) None of these

Answer: [b]   

Q.3. What is the present worth of Rs. 264 dues in 4 years at 10% simple interest per annum?

(a) 170.20

(b) 166

(c) 188.57

(d) 175.28

Answer: [C] 

Q.4. A sum fetched a total simple interest of Rs. 8016.25 at the rate of 6 p.c.p.a in 5 years what is the sum?

(a) 24720.83

(b) 26730.33

(c) 26720.83

(d) 26710.63

(e) None of these

Answer: [C]   

Q.5.  8. Rs. 800 becomes Rs. 956 in 3 years at a certain rate of simple interest. If the rate of interest is increased by 4%, what amount will Rs 800 become in 3 years?

(a) 1020.80

(b) 1025

(c) 1052

(d) Data inadequate

Answer: [C] 

Q. 6.  The product of 2 numbers is 1575 and their quotient is 9/7. Then the sum of the numbers is

a.   74

b.   78

c.   80

d.   90

Q.7.   The value of (81)3.6 * (9)2.7/ (81)4.2 * (3) is __

a.   3

b.   6

c.   9

d.   8.2

Q.8.  √6+√6+√6+… is equal to –

a. 2

b. 5
c. 4
d. 3

Answer: [D] 

Q.9. The sum of the squares of two natural consecutive odd numbers is 394. The sum of the numbers is –

a. 24

b. 32

c. 40

d. 28

Answer: [D] 

Q.10. When (6767 +67) is divided by 68, the remainder is-

a. 1

b. 63

c. 66

d. 67

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