The Hindu Vocabulary-11 july


The Hindu Vocabulary

 Vocabulary plays a very important role in every exams. it will be is useful for  all aspirants, who are preparing for various competitive exams like SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, Other exams etc. we are providing the Hindu vocab on daily basis with their synonyms, antonyms and along with their examples.


PDFexam  provide you The hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance your vocab power and helps you in all competitive exam,so candidate must focus on this topic.You can easily learn The Hindu vocab from our PDFexam

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Importance of vocabulary:-

Every exam you will get at least 4- 5 questions from The vocabulary section. So candidates must focus on  this topic   to get important questions with the best solutions. We have put all Previous Year Questions of  that are Asked in various Govt & Private Exam.

The Daily vocab


 1.Persecution (noun):- ill treatment(उत्पीड़न )

  Synonyms- oppression, victimization, maltreatment

  Antonyms -comfort, consolation 

  Example-    He must protect from persecution of mob lynching.

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  2.Immigrant (noun):-a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.(आप्रवासी )

  Synonyms- outsider, foreigner, pioneer

  Antonyms – citizen, national, native

  Example-  The illegal immigrant are entitled to refugee

Image result for illegal immigrant entitled to refugee


  3. Astonishing(adjective):- Overwhelming impressive, surprising ( आश्चर्यजनक)

  Synonyms- Spectacular,bewildering

  Antonyms – unimpressive, ordinary

  Example-  I am all impatience  to learn about, how this  astonishing world came into existence.

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  4. Refoulement (noun):- the practice of forcing refugees or asylum seekers to return to a country in which   they are liable to be subjected to persecution.

 Synonyms-  banishment, deportment, exile.

 Antonyms – admittance , implosion

 Example-   The problem of refoulement is a very serious one indeed.

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  5.Impunity(noun):- exemption from punishment (दण्ड मुक्ति)

   Synonyms-  Indemnity, dispensation

   Antonyms – liability, onus

   Example-   There was impunity crime against humanity

Image result for impunity examples

  6.Prompt(adjective):- Done without delay and immediate (शीघ्र)

  Synonyms-  swift, expeditious, hasty

  Antonyms – slow, tardy, sluggish

  Example-   In business the prompt reply is mandatory.

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  7.Comply(verb):- act in accordance with a wish or command. (पालन ​​करना )

    Synonyms-  accede, adhere to,abide by

    Antonyms – defy, flout, violate

    Example-   We must comply the rules and regulations.

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  8. Revitalize (verb):- To bring back to former condition (पुनर्जीवित)

  Synonyms- restore, resuscitate, revive, revivify

  Antonyms – extinguish, kill, quench, suppress

  Example-  School will revitalize the india education system  

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  9.Contempt(verb):- open dislike for someone or something considered unworthy (निन्दनीय )

  Synonyms- disdain, misprision, scorn

  Antonyms – adoration, adulation, deference, deification, glorification, idolatry

  Example-   I held a contempt to politicians

Image result for contempt example sentence


  10.Implicate(adjective):- show (someone) to be involved in a crime.(फंसाना )

   Synonyms-  entwine, interlace, intertwine, 

   Antonyms – disentangle, uncoil, untangle,unwind

   Example-   Have they any evidence, to implicate in the robbery

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Description question from the Hindu Editorial

                        Is we refugee to the rohingya’s people?

This questions are very helpful for your mains exams to cover descriptive type questions in UPSC ,SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO,  we are available one descriptive question from ‘The hindu editorial’  which is very useful for aspirants.please answer this descriptive question in the comment below. it enhance your comprehension part and sharp your thinking ability.


Learn less but effective


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